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Being a parent is wonderful.

I know you’re probably thinking about it right now. Your brain is scanning through memories instantly as you read one sentence. “Being a parent is wonderful!”

Now, you have to agree that’s one powerful sentence. Pretty spot on, ehh? (No, I’m not Canadian.) Even more powerful than some great leaders one liners etched in History books, ( “e.g.” as permanent as the four presidents at Mount Rushmore.) Can you name them? Yes? No? Small history refresher for those that are not rushing to be the first kid raising their hands to projectile vomit out the correct answer. Geez, those kids annoyed me. Hell, I’d know the answers and get more gratification just knowing I knew, and didn’t have to be all, I need attention because I’m so smart! I had better things to do; like write notes to my friends and doodle in my notebook…

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Generation X Knows Best

That seems to be my perception on society today. When did our generation become the voice of reason? The ones keeping our country a float. I’d say world, but I can’t be completely certain other countries are as hip as us Americans to label generations with such hipster slang as Gen Xers. That’s also another thing I’d like to point out why we are so cool, we giggled at the label Baby Boomers. For real? Baby Boomers? How lame is a label that defines you over bred. Now, we are stuck with a bunch of your children, now senior citizens comparing their underprivileged childhood with “passages” like “We had to walk miles in snow up hill both ways.” Or the one that really makes me laugh, courtesy of my father, “We were so poor, we got one shoe for Christmas and the following year received the other. Umm, ok, dad, you grew up in the suburbs and went to private school. Your childhood is just as delusional as everybody else’s story.

I can vividly recall the Baby Boomers shuttering at the thought that we, the Generation X would soon be running the country. I think the improvements a generation that was once as feared as Charles Manson, trumped that fear with out doing them. We showed their cynicism a thing or two. I bet they aren’t complaining when they are watching their favorite show that aired at 8:00 p.m and they had to DVR it because it was past their bed time. Let’s not forget about all the technology that makes life easier for them to understand just about everything they need to know. That’s if they can operate it. What happens when they cannot, who do they call? Ghost Busters? No, they call the generation they trashed.

Now, there are some things they can hold us accountable for, but definitely not our music, after all it was our generation that created an escape from the hell I like to call pop music, and gave us all Alternative music. You want to shutter at any generation it’s today’s generation. It’s scary that someday the ones who like idiotic entertainers like Justin Bieber and the Kardashian’s we have to worry about.

Yes, I do know there is a lot of bigger issues I could of touched base on. However, I’m to smart to start in on politics or religion. Taboo people, taboo!


Venting 90’s Style


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Dear Diary, JK.

Have you ever felt as you are being smothered by an army of unappreciative people? Well, I have. I may be a mother, daughter, wife, sister, cousin, niece and so on I would go…..However, I don’t want to get into all the sticky red tape of copyrights to song Lyrics.. Nor do I have the desire to be thrown in the category we all know Alanis Morrisette represents.. You know, the whiny, depressed, angry, and bitter women.. Yes, yes, the one’s bubbling with revenge, that’s correct… Oh, Alanis how I did love your tuneful, but vapid musical creations…

I can speak on behalf of my gender, it’s ok, I’m allowed, not all of us women come unhinged over losing a man. Heck, I’ve celebrated cutting ties with some of my ex-boyfriends, seriously. I’ve popped the Champagne bottle open and celebrated, that’s how elated I was to exterminate some of those so called men. I’m not heartless, no need to think I’m so cold you could throw me in your beverage on a hot day and I wouldn’t melt. I’ve had a few that I actually liked, and it stung a “bit”. The past is over though, and thankfully I’m out of the dating pool. Because they are sharks! Then again marriage is a whole different complaint you’re about to hear about. Lucky you!

Yay, marriage! Insert sarcasm here. I mean really? When I got married I gained more than a husband, I gained another human being to do everything for. It’s like seriously? When I said “I do.” I didn’t realize I was saying, I will DO EVERYTHING. Think twice ladies. You may want to revise that when
you’re saying your vows… I have a child, ONE child! I stopped at ONE for a reason. No one warned me a husband would require more tending to than my child. My gosh, I am only one person! A person that’s about to drop from exhaustion! I’m not a super hero, savior or a Personal Assitant. I’m a mother first, than a wife, and so forth with the labels I don’t think you want me to go into again, that’d be pretty annoying ..Probably as annoying as marriage can be! In the same note, which I’d relentlessly deny saying. I love being my husbands wife; almost as much as I love him and all his baggage, even if it isn’t Louis Vuitton®. Caught that didn’t you? I’m impressed with your attention to detail. Yes, I was kind enough to throw the copyright in. I’m blogging to vent, not to be sued by one of my favorite designers.

Now, a few words on Motherhood.
I have to admit I have the perfect child. I know every parent thinks their child is flawless. I truly dodged a bullet. I wasn’t a victim of the “curse” my mother always threw at me, ” I hope you have a child just like you.” I have to admit, I was REALLY worried that I’d have a child like me. I was a Brat with a Capitol B! Sorry mom, it didn’t work. So, throw that saying directly in the sewer…My child has moments I’d like to pull my hair out over, but all in all, my child is truly amazing. I love being a mother, not sure my child loves me being a mother at times. However, motherhood is without a doubt the BEST thing ever bestowed upon me.

Now, here you have it, as unappreciated as I have been feeling, seems to be dissipating… I am a mother and a wife and I appreciate being just that. I’m also a lot more, but no one likes a bragger.


Social Media, the Good, the Bad, and the Evil


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Social media is a good way to stay in touch with old friends, new friends the friends you’ve had a life time, and family near and far.

Social media keeps us updated on milestones, medical conditions, even lengthy complaints about one’s life when they are stressed, also known as free therapy. We see the selfies, we may roll our eyes at, but hey, let someone feel good, we all know one selfie usually requires a hundred plus pre- shots before the one selfie appears on our news feed. So no harm, no foul. We also may get a toothache from some friends posting mushy loving emotions on their significant others page. We may think ourselves, why do it on social media when they are probably in the next room? But hey, we cannot be for certain what their motives are, nor do we really know their location. So suck it up, buttercup. Hey you reading this, remember love is good, hate is ugly.

I can go months without any drama or dysfunctional minds posting something rude, out of line, or just straight out idiotic on my post to get me riled up. MY page, MY post, have a disagreement, just be respectful. Pretty simple, right? I know you know it’s a lot more complex than that.

You see, I don’t really enjoy getting my heart pounding, my anxiety ramped up to the point I feel like I’m going to explode if I don’t retaliate with my own opinion. That’s part of who I am, my impulse control is weak. I want what I want, when I want it. I say what I want, when I need to. But make no mistake, I do it tactfully and within social norms. I’m not going into lie, after all honesty is always the best policy. The truth is; I’ve allowed my impulses to take charge and binge write an unruly thing or twenty thousand, on occasion, when someone really pushes my button on something I’ve posted on MY own page. I do not go out of my way to post rude or argumentative comments on others pages.. My issue is what people feel they can do to others on social media. I’m sure most of you have fell victim or done something you had no business doing at least once, twice, three times the lady… Sorry, I couldn’t resist the Lionel Richie lyric that popped into my mind..

People policing social media like a petulant child is ridiculous and screams unstable, it’s no ones job, certainly not mine. It’s like a criminal that goes out looking for trouble and cries poor me when they find themselves in the slammer, AKA, blocked, deleted, and erased from one’s internet life, yes, people do have lives off the internet, some should try it, it’d do you some good. The harsh reality is for some that’s the only life they have, sad, yes, but let’s be honest once again, it’s true that some have pathetic lives, more likely sitting in dirty sweatpants while shoveling in massive amounts of junk food in their pie hole….These individuals ladies and gentlemen are usually the one’s that enjoy making others miserable via the internet. After all, misery loves company. It’s easier to stir the drama pot when they can hide themselves behind a screen, and type as if they are invincible.. Attention Kmart shopper, you’re not invincible, your words can be evil and inflict harm to innocent bystanders i.e…effect peoples lives, children and careers. Over what? Your poor judgement and lack of a moral compass? Grow up, you’re not in High School. Hell the people who start majority of the chaos and blasphemous rumors don’t even have an education that allows them to be an expert on anything, alone a another person’s life, especially over a social media post. Do you not see how stupid and childish you look to others?

Step right up to the freak show. Free admission, after all it’s for your entertainment, enjoying it all at someone’s expense; the illusive Bystander effect; those who go along with the drama, the defamatory statements that are being spread through social media like an infectious disease throughout a third world country. Shame on you, I know you know better than giving into that sort of behavior shows you are weak and how much you suck as a human being..Congratulations, give yourself a pat on the back, you are now no better than the creator of the hate and rumors.

Moral of this story, you don’t have to agree with everything everyone post, but if you don’t like something, as your mother told you, if you cannot say something nice, don’t say anything at all. You don’t know what the poster is going through, what their motive is, or why they post what they do. There are no rules about what one can post, yes I see this may sound hypocritical. But no one is the all mighty judge of social media, nor why one would want to be. It may behoove you to consider that what may annoy you, others may find interesting, so move along. Don’t look at it, read it or comment being all mean, evil and almighty.

Friends, Advice and a Migraine

Friends, Advice and a Migraine

I know I cannot be the
only one with that “one” friend that has solicited my advice on their problem of the day, not week, not month, but daily. Let me get more realistic, sometimes this friend blathers on via text, the phone and social media a thousand, heck, let’s make it a thousand and one times a day.

This friend will ask my advice, I give it, but is it heard, followed, or even thought about? I’m thinking we all know this answer, NO. Why would it? Although, I cannot legally go in their medical records and document them as a narcissist, or change their IQ to 50. I can tell you my diagnosis surely wouldn’t even be as kind as my own example.

I’m no psychiatrist, although sometimes I think my Bachelor degree in psychology entitles me to be somewhat more knowledgable when it comes to human behavior, than those without the overpriced framed degree that I will be paying on long after I die. Shout out to the student loan racket, crooks! Ok, off the subject I went..

Where was I going with this?….

My head is pounding even thinking about this drama filled human-being that I “proudly” call my friend, why? Because I said so. Perhaps I need my own head examined.

I hear my phone ring or my text tone goes off several times in seconds. Buzz, buzz, buzz, ring, ring. My migraine begins, my frustration is building. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather chew glass than deal with the repercussions of what lies ahead when my eyes meet whatever piece of technology is being so rudely disturbed by someone who doesn’t really want or need my advice, they just want a pulse on the other end to listen to them..

Moral of this story, if you’re the kind of friend I just described, do the friend you bother relentlessly with your overblown problems a huge favor; get to a mental health professional, STAT. Stop asking for advice, when you’re going to do what you want anyway!